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1 - daphne

left foot
right foot
daphne he called
another step, a sprint now
the stalks of grass waved to me from below
so small, but so free

i ran toward the forest for i too wanted to be free
but for as fast as i sprinted
i could always be surmounted
he caught up with me
golden eyes blazing

i will not marry you, Apollo, my answer is no
i wish to be one with nature, not bound
by the desires of a man

with a wink he responded
not a man, a god

i ran further
but his ego followed
i prayed: let me be free

i tried to move but i was stuck
my feet rooted in the flower pot of earth
my arms stretched to the sky
among the eagles

laurels sprouted from my fingertips
not free in motion
but in spirit

under me he now stood
his light dimmed by my shadow
the shade of the unattainable

he fashioned my leaves into a crown
and wore them proudly
a reminder of his lost love

the wind whispered quietly
do not rest upon your laurels
for you have not conquered
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