Annie Jo

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I Am

I am the universe

Vast and eternal

I am earth

Blue and maternal

Majestic mountains

They, too are me

As are the mighty rivers

Flowing out to the sea

I am the ocean

And the creatures below

I am the sky

And the blackest crow

The towering redwood

Touching the sky

The lowly weed?

Yes, that is I

I am the dirt

Rich and loamy

I am the desert

Vast and lonely

The old man alone

Forgot by his kids

Yes, he is me wherever I live

I am the lion

Valiant and strong

I am the snake

Who slithers along

The children at play

In the neighborhood park

You know they are me

As I watch from afar

I am the mother

Nursing her child

I am the refugee

Hungry and defiled

The eight year old black boy

Handcuffed and bruised

He too is me

Scared and confused

I am the leader

Weak or strong

I am the singer

Who delights with a song

All these things and more I be

I am everything and everything is me
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