A.F. Sh

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In the realm of towering heights so grand,
Where clouds dance freely, unafraid to stand,
A skyscraper reaches the sky's embrace,
A pinnacle where mortal hearts race.

In the thin air, oxygen scarce and rare,
The whims of reality seem unfair,
Yet beneath the sun's illuminating strife,
Life is nourished, breathed into every life.

In this pinnacle of human endeavor,
A distance from lands, we dare to sever,
A monument so tall, an unreachable prize,
Only the wealthy can possess and mesmerize.

Paradise, a pursuit within human desire,
A truth like fruit, which we aspire,
Echoing the tale of a banished place,
Yearning to embrace its heavenly grace.

Mother Nature, we yearn for your embrace,
To see dreams turn to life, your sacred space,
Destiny shapes pyramids, enigmatic and bold,
Some rise together, while others unfold.

Consciousness, a thread we weave,
Seeking differences, yet eager to deceive,
Efforts extinguished, hope may dry,
But a centerpiece, we cannot deny.

Hierarchy's rule, a must we obey,
As we push and thrust, reaching the fray,
Closer to cosmic rays, paradoxes unfold,
Warmer below, where earth's stories are told.

To be dirt, a salvation or plight?
The question lingers, day turns to night,
In the cosmic machine where philosophers nod,
The choice to be born or not, a pondering prod.

Eternity's peace, a wall we may fear,
A protective shield some may jeer,
Feeling, the richness that life imparts,
In nihilism's grasp, where meaning restarts.

Death, an inevitable bow we all take,
Mighty and relentless, its presence at stake,
Immortals, though bore with infinite might,
For completion leads them into eternal night.

God's demise, a call to raise our head,
To fall down, to the ground we're led,
In death, we find completeness and peace,
Yet today, we cling to life, its struggles cease.

Skyscraper, the embodiment of dreams,
At its summit, demigods' existence gleams,
Far above lands, gazing at my hand,
Destiny's demand, I, a demigod stand.

But amidst such heights, thoughts of a fall,
Unconscious walls protect, lest I lose all,
Like plastic shield, preserving my core,
A sentient entity, untamed yet to explore.

Yet, the time arrives to descend from the sky,
As the sun of my life must bid goodbye,
After the dawn, when shadows grow tall,
A mortal's journey continues, heeding destiny's call.
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