Amir Farshad Shirzaei

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The Two Candles

In the twilight's gentle embrace,
Two candles flicker side by side,
Their flames a dance of whispered poetry,
Sharing words in eloquence and grace.

"Oh, companion of radiant glow,"
Says the first candle, its light steady and true,
"Let our flames intertwine, entwined as souls,
And illuminate the darkness that surrounds."

The second candle's flame dances in reply,
A graceful sway to the unspoken melody,
"I am but a flicker, a transient breath,
But together, our light shall defy the night."

And so, they lean closer, their flames embracing,
Casting shadows upon the walls of the room,
Their eloquent words rise and mingle,
Like tendrils of smoke in the still air.

They share stories of distant lands,
Of stars that paint the midnight canvas,
Of love's tender caress and longing's ache,
Their words a symphony of shared experience.

But as the night deepens, their light dims,
And the wax that once held them firm,
Melts and drips, pooling at their base,
Their life's essence slipping away.

"I fear, dear friend, our time is waning,"
Whispers the first candle, its voice weak.
"We have shared our light, our tales untold,
But now, we must face the inevitable."

The second candle's flame trembles,
Its brilliance fading into a whisper,
"Our light may wane, but our words endure,
In the echoes of memory, we shall linger."

Careful, their flames dwindle, a dying ember,
Yet the essence of their shared illumination,
Transcends the limitations of wax and wick,
Carrying their light into eternity's embrace.

In the quiet of darkness, they find solace,
Their whispers fading, their warmth extinguished,
But their words, like embers, forever burn,
In the hearts that listened, forever cherished.
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