AmirFarshad Shirzaei

October 15, 2000 - Zahedan

As ‌My Diary Cries

I write this now, moments after they quarrelled,
Depressing, I notice our evening plans got cancelled
Over one phone call dad made in the backyard,
Mom asked who that was? Then he flew off the handle,
"It doesn't concern you woman", he shouted,
I could hear her repeating the word "sorry" aloud and
Stuttering as she apologised for asking,
But the old man didn't care so he started unmasking
That hideous, fearful demon inside him,
Who made him feel like a man he took pride in,
The one that still gives me chills to this day,
The one responsible for all the feelings I fail to convey,
The one that made me pray to all the gods I didn't believe in,
The one that made his fatherly figure uneven,
The one that made me build a wall around my closet,
The one my friend's father didn't have, he was the complete opposite,
The one that … never mind, I rather not go on,
I lay back on the bed and put some Poe on,
I can still hear him arguing in the background
As I get lost in the world of poetry, my playground,
I listen to Poe's Alone, his realm to me is well-known,
Bittersweetness fills me as I hear "And all I loved, I loved alone".
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