airatmaninravi AiR

October 15, 1964 - India
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Start a Quest to Discover the Purpose of Life

Who are you and Why are you Here?
Why did you come to Earth, my Dear?
Begin your Quest, do not Fear!

After 40 years, I started my Quest
I had the Guts to put all Beliefs to Test
The Reward was Worth it, it was the Best!

I am not ‘I’, I Realized the Truth
I Searched and went to the Bottom of the Root
It was my Quest that gave me the Fruit!

I am not this Body, this Body will Die
The Mind, I cannot find! How can it be ‘I’?
The Ego says ‘I’, but it’s a big Lie!

We think life is just to have Fun
We live and soon, life is Done
Like mad people, in this Race we Run!

What is the Truth, Why this Human Birth?
What is the Reason we Came to Earth?
The Quest will help us Answers, Unearth!

It all begins when we Start our Quest
Many Questions we list and we don’t Rest
One by one, the Answers Attest

To get to the Truth, we need a Master
An Enlightened Guru will take us Forward Faster
It is the Master who is our Spiritual Partner

It all begins by Overcoming Ignorance
Transcending the Ego that Creates Arrogance
The Truth and the Myth, Realizing the Difference

Therefore, first, there is Purification
And soon there is Illumination
And finally, there is Realization

The first Realization is, ‘I am the Soul’
This, in the Quest, achieves my Goal
But what in my Purpose does this Play a Role?

The Soul is nothing but a Spark Of Unique Life
I Realized this and now I am Liberated from Strife
Otherwise, with myths, our Life is Rife

The Realization helps us move Ahead
And Ultimately, in that Moment when we are Dead
We are Liberated and United with the Lord, it’s Said!

Our Purpose is to become One with God
To Realize, within is the temple of the Lord
The Quest helps us see how our Beliefs are Flawed!

We always thought God was in a Temple or Church
And then we started the Quest, the Search
To attain the Divine, we had an Urge

Are we just meant to Live and Die?
First, we must find out, ‘Who am I?’
We must Discriminate the Truth from the Lie

We may appear to be made of Bone and Skin
But the Truth is that we are the Divine that Lives Within
Alas! This Ignorance is our Greatest Sin

It is our Mind that makes us Blind
It is the biggest enemy that Makes us Grind
In the Purpose to find, we are Left Behind

So, first, we make the Monkey Mind a Monk
It happens when we remove from it All Junk
Till then, it seems we are Eternally Drunk!

The moment we transcend Body, Ego, and Mind
In that moment, Life’s Truth, we will Find!
We will attain the One for Whom we Pined

When we move from Mind to Consciousness
There are no thoughts, there is Thoughtlessness
Then, there is Peace and Love, Eternal Happiness

Then, we Realize there is no Heaven and Hell
These are lies that People Tell!
There are no Devils and Angels that Dwell

We are Liberated from that Life Race
Where we are running to be an Ace in the Chase
The Quest helps us Live with Grace

In the Quest, we Overcome all our Trauma
When we Realize that Life is a Drama
Everything that happens is Controlled by Karma

At first, we would Cry and look at the Sky
We would just Suffer and ask God, ‘Why?’
Till we Realized the Truth, Who am I?

We Realize two things we don’t control on Earth
We don’t control Death, we don’t control Birth
It is then we learn to live with Mirth

We Realize we are not the Mind and Ego, ME
We are not the one in the Mirror whom we See
Then, we are Free to Be who we are Meant to Be

It is in that moment that all Miseries Cease
It is the Quest that gives us Peace
We Realize all this, Piece by Piece

At first, we had believed, ‘I was I’
The Quest revealed that this was a Lie
I am the Soul that will Never Die!

It is the Quest that Cuts all Strings
It Liberates us, the one who Clings
It helps us fly, it Opens our Wings

We Realize that Pleasure Comes and it Goes
But Eternal Bliss, Forever Flows
Upon going on a Quest, this Truth Glows

The Mind that otherwise says, ‘I am Everything!’
It is exposed, it is a Rascal, not a King!
In fact, it causes All Suffering

It is the Quest that Makes us Shine
We Discover that within, Lives the Divine
Then, there is Eternal Sunshine

Without the Quest, there will be Death and Birth
Ignorance will make us Return to Earth
The Quest Liberates us from Rebirth

How can you remove the Darkness in a Room?
Can you Sweep it away with a Broom?
The Quest brings in Light, that will Eliminate all Gloom

We all arrive from the very same Womb
But Foolishly, through Life we just Zoom
And Ultimately, we reach our Tomb!

Without a Quest, life is like a Circus
We are Clowns living without Purpose
It is the Quest that makes life, Precious

Start your Quest or you will Suffer Again
The Mind will pour Thoughts like Rain
And it will Push you down the Drain

For Thoughts don’t Knock, they Enter the Door
Uninvited they come and Push us on the Floor
The Quest Pushes the Mind out and Shuts the Door

We all live in this World and Crave
Of the Mind and Ego, we become a Slave
It is the Quest that makes us Brave

The Quest begins when there is Yearning
The Yearning is what starts our Learning
It creates that Passion that keeps us Burning

Otherwise, in the Mind, we are all Caught
In Toxic Emotions, in many a Poisonous Thought
The Quest ties the Divine Knot

When we start our Quest we Venture
Then we let go of Worldly Pleasure
And we achieve our Life’s True Treasure

Without the Quest, there is no Light
We live with anger, jealousy and we Fight
The Truth remains Far, Out of Sight!

Ignorance causes all the Blunder
It creates misery, it Creates Thunder
Realization makes us Surrender

Are you looking for Happiness and for Bliss?
The Quest will lead to eternal Happiness
Start it now, it’s not something we should Miss

It will start with Self-Realization
And Ultimately, lead to God-Realization
March ahead without any Hesitation

It is the Quest that will give us the Purpose of Life
It will Liberate us from Misery and Strife
We must cut through the Myth with a Sharp Knife

So start a Quest, don’t just Live and Die
Find out life’s Purpose, ask the question, ‘Why?’
Do it now! Start with, ‘Who am I?’
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