airatmaninravi AiR

October 15, 1964 - India
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The waves of the ocean come and go
After a dark night, the sun will glow
The Law of Cycles operates everywhere on earth
And so, after we die, we come back in a Rebirth

What is the cause of this human birth?
What was the reason we came to earth?
We didn't decide where and when we were born
It was our Karma that sounded the horn

Therefore, when we see a child born blind
We ask, 'Is God unjust; is He so unkind?'
No, God isn't unkind, our Karma is the cause
We will Realize the Truth of birth, if we pause

As we sow, so shall we reap
On earth if we sin, we sure will weep
Such is the law, what we give, we get
Apples won't grow on a mango tree, that is a bet

The Law of Karma is a Universal Law
It makes no mistake, it has no flaw
Not only does it work everywhere on earth
Even after death, it causes our Rebirth

Death is certain, everybody must die
Nobody can escape, not you, nor I
But what is death, is it the final end?
No, it is not, it is just a bend

The body dies, it is burnt to dust
But the one who was alive, leaves like a gust
Don't we say that he passed away?
But where does he go, can anybody say?

We are sure that the one who died left
Otherwise, our loved ones would have the body kept
But who is the one that has left the body behind?
Is it ME, the Ego and the Mind?

The body is just an instrument to act
The mind and ego direct it, that's a fact
The body is born, and the body must die
But the mind and ego, escape in the sky

But where do the mind and ego go?
What happens after the end of the show?
To settle their Karma, they must return to earth
There is no other option, but to take rebirth

Is it true that we go to heaven and hell?
These fairy tales cast a spell!
Heaven and hell are not far away in the stars
We return to earth, to settle our scars

And so, the cycle goes on and on
We live, we die, and we are Reborn
As long as we live as this body and mind
The mind will be Reborn, the body left behind

But when we achieve our ultimate goal
When we realize we are the Divine Soul
Then, from Rebirth, we are free
And one with our Lord, forever we will be

But how can we become one with our Lord?
To escape from Rebirth and unite with God
When we overcome our ignorance and Realize the Truth
Then, we don't plant seeds, there will be no shoot

As long as seeds of Karma we plant
Escaping from Rebirth we just can’t
The body will die when it has no breath
But we will return after our death

As long as we are ignorant, we will be Reborn
There is no other option, but a body to adorn
But once we realize we are not the body, ego, or mind
We are free from Karma and rebirth, we will find

We have two options at the moment of death
Either we will be Reborn as we lose our breath
But if we realize we are the Divine Soul
We will Unite with God, our Ultimate Goal

So today, the mystery of Rebirth let us solve
To Realize the Truth, let us resolve
And be free from the triple suffering on earth
To become one with God, not return in a Rebirth

Let us realize we are not the body and mind
The body will die and mind will rewind
All the actions that it has done
Will transfer to a new life that’s begun

But if we Realize we are not the doer of action
Then of course there will be no reaction
Then we will be from Karma free
And not have to be Reborn, we agree

For Rebirth is only for the one who does
Who lives as the ego and makes a fuss
But one who lives as the Divine Soul
He is free, achieves the Ultimate Goal

This is the purpose of our life on earth
To live as Soul and be free from Rebirth
To Realize the Truth as we live and die
And to become one with the Lord in the sky
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