airatmaninravi AiR

October 15, 1964 - India
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We are all seeking Happiness
When all we want is Peace
When we turn within, we will find it
And our stress and worry will cease

Peace is an inner thing
Tt is a state of Mind
If we can only be quiet
This treasure we will find

There is a Monkey within
That jumps from thought to thought
Our very own Mind is the thief
That must in our quest be caught

And so, we lose our Peace of Mind
As we fillour Mind with junk
Tfwe want to restore Peace within
We must make the Monkey a Monk

Until we stop this 'Ever Yearning'
And we stop our constant crave
We will take stress and anxiety
With us into our grave

Peace is the foundation of Happiness
Without Peace there can be no bliss
If we want to be really Happy
In our Mind we must plant this

It starts with making the Mind still
Stopping it froma burst of thoughts
Tying the Mind with a virtual rope
Tightly with many knots

We live with worry, anxiety, and stress
Right through our life
The cause may be a failing business
Ora nagging husband or wife

But the pity is life will soon be gone
And we will lose the treasure of Peace
Only worries we will carry with us
When this gift of life will cease

In ignorance we search for worldly things
Rubies, diamonds and gold
Turmoil and worry will create wrinkles
And soon we will be old

We run through life like mad men
Seeking this and that
We get lost in a world of desires
We become as blind as a bat

As long as our Mind is not still
We can never enjoy Peace
The Monkey Mind jumps here and there
From New York to Rome, and Greece

But we don't need to go anywhere
Peace ifwe want to find
All we have got to dois this
Just still the Monkey Mind

The Mind fills us with negative thoughts
Of anger, revenge and hate
It creates so much worry and stress
That we exist in a joyless state

First we must flip from NEP to PEP
From negative to positive
We must give a shampoo to the Mind
Then with Bliss and Joy we will live

We must discover the Monk within
And live like a Peaceful Soul
The challenge is to discover this
It's our life's ultimate goal

We must be Conscious, Aware, Awake
To Realize the Truth of Life
Then we will be free from all stress
Worry, Anxiety and Strife

We are not the body or the Mind
We are the Divine Soul
But the Monkey Mind and Ego together
Makes the ME pay the toll

We lose this gift of Peace of Mind
The source of joy and bliss
Because of the Monkey Mind within
This treasure of life we miss

There is away to find this Peace
We must cut the Monkey's tail
The 'Ever Yearning’ of life must stop
Otherwise, we will fail

We come with nothing, we go with nothing
Life is just a show
The Mind makes us just run and run
And then it's time to go

Instead of being in the moment with Peace
Living with bliss in the 'now'
We swing to the past and jump to the future
Like a wandering cow

We never learnt to sit still
And go within to find
The treasure of Peace that is inside
Is stolen by our Mind

And so, the secret of Peace is this
We must make the Monkey a Monk
Our Mind flooded with rotten thoughts
Must be cleared of the junk

The Mind seems intoxicated
With all that it has drunk
How will we ever find Peace
Until we make it a Monk

So, let us start anew journey
To discover the treasure of Peace
Then worry, stress, and anxiety
In life will completely cease

We will reach that state of bliss
Of Peace and tranquillity
If we stop the Monkey Mind
Jumping from tree to tree

Our ultimate goal is Eternal Peace
Purification that leads to ilumination
And then, Realization of the Truth
That will lead to Divine Unification

The treasure of Peace belongs to us
But it is stolen by the Mind
Until we control the Monkey within
This treasure we will never find

Peace of Mind will bloom in us
When the Monkey becomes a Monk
When we escape from worry and stress
And anxiety in which we are sunk

And so, if you want to be happy, my friend
First, Peace you must find
You cannot enjoy joy and bliss
Until you still your Mind

You can experience Peace of Mind
But for this you must be a Monk
If you want pure tranquillity
Get rid of your Mind's junk

And when you cut the Monkey's tail
Stop it Yearning this and that
You will discover the Monk within
And Peace within your hat

Peace is a gift to all of us
If a Monk we learn to be
But we live with stress and anxiety
Because of the Mind Monkey

If we resolve to live like a Monk
Controlling the Monkey Mind
Peace and tranquillity, bliss and joy
Every moment we will find
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