airatmaninravi AiR

October 15, 1964 - India
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Mukti is Freedom, we must be free
We must not be bound to the ground like a tree
We must not be slaves to the Mind and Ego, ME
The goal of life is Mukti, to be free

Most of us are slaves, we follow the herd
We don’t open our wings and fly like a bird
Although we human beings are blessed with wings
We crawl on the earth, tied with many strings

Therefore, we suffer the triple suffering on earth
And then we die and return in a rebirth
We suffer the pain of the body, ego, and mind
True happiness and peace, we struggle to find

We are prisoners of the Mind and Ego, ME
Our thoughts make us puppets,they don’t let us be free
Although we have an intellect to tell us what is wrong
We let the mind destroy us with thoughts so strong

Our senses make us slaves of vengefulness and greed
We are prisoners of anger and jealousy, indeed
Puppets we are, of lust and shame
We live in a cage, through the life game

Passions and obsessions rule our life
They make us prisoners and we live with strife
Instead of being free, and living with a smile
We are slaves of emotions that are longer than the Nile

Our own thoughts and habits make us puppets that cry
We live as prisoners right till we die
And though we could from these monsters be free
Instead of Freedom, we choose misery

We are a slave of ignorance and myth
We believe in rituals and superstitions, not the truth
We chase achievement, thinking success is happiness
And run the rat race, ending life in a mess

Haven't you seen people who are prisoners of fear?
They think a little virus will kill them, oh dear
Fear has made the world lock down everything
Shouldn't we be free to start living!

And then, we are prisoners of worry and anxiety
That these emotions can rule us, is a tragedy
We are puppets of revenge and hate
And we tie ourselves behind the misery gate

Freedom must also be got from religion
We must find out our true origin
We must not just believe what people say
We must investigate and find the right way

Fences, Faces, Farces, Forces, the prison of four
Locks us behind many a door
We live and die, as a miserable slave
And take our sorrow till our grave

It’s not just being Free from misery on earth
We must also be free from taking rebirth
If we don't realize the truth, who am I
Then we will not be free, even after we die

The body will die, but what about 'me'?
The one who passed away is not yet free
It is the mind and ego that carries its Karma
Until it is liberated and attains Moksha

Therefore, the purpose of our life
Is not just to be free from misery and strife
But to be Enlightened and gain Liberation
And to be free for Divine Unification

Freedom,Freedom,Freedom-that’s our goal
To be free from the body-mind-ego and live as the Soul
We must be free from wishes, wealth, and wine
So that we can become one with the Divine
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