airatmaninravi AiR

October 15, 1964 - India
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I am a Soul, Soul is SIP , I am SIP, SIP is in all

Who am I? Why am I here?
What is the truth about life, my dear?
I am not the body, I am not the mind
Who am I? The truth, I must find!

Most of us, just live and die
We believe the lie that God lives in the sky
We don't ask questions, 'How and why?'
All we do, is live and die!

What is the truth? We must put it to test
To realize this, go on a quest
Most believe, we are the Mind and Ego, ME
From this ignorance, when will we be free?

We are not this body, this is a fact
This body came later, after the fertilization act
First, came the Soul, the Spark Of Unique Life
When Divine blessings fell upon a husband and wife

The first cell of life is called a zygote
It may be in a man, a sheep or a goat
Every life starts with the arrival of the Soul
To realize this, is our ultimate goal

Neither are we the body, nor are we the mind
Where is the mind, we cannot find
The mind is nothing but a bundle of thought
And in this thought, we are caught

We believe the illusion, we are the Mind and Ego, ME
In this Ignorance we grow, the Truth we cannot see
Until we go on a Quest, we will never be free
We will never discover, who we are meant to be

We are not the body, the ego or the mind
We are the Soul, this truth we must find
If we want to achieve life's ultimate goal
First, we must realize that we are the Soul!

The Soul is a Spark Of Unique Life
It is immortal, it experiences no strife
The Soul has no birth, it has no death
It is a Power that gives us breath

We think we HAVE a Soul, what is the truth?
We ARE the Soul, it is our root
Without the Soul, we would never be
We are nothing but Soul energy

Without the Soul, we would be gone
Without the Soul, we wouldn't be born
Without the Soul, we would never grow
It is the Soul that makes us come and go

Of course, for sure, this body will die
But who leaves the body and flies into the sky?
Because we think that it is the Mind and Ego, ME,
From our Karma, we are never free

The Body dies but ME takes Rebirth
The Mind and Ego, ME, returns to earth
But how does the ME in a new Body arrive?
It is the Soul that makes it alive

So first, we must realize, I am a Soul
Then only, will our life, start becoming whole
Then, the purpose of life, we will achieve
The ultimate truth we will get to perceive

This truth can't be known, it must be realized
For this, we must delete what is memorized
Whatever we were taught, we must let go
Then only, to the Divine, we will flow

I am a Soul, the Soul is SIP
This Truth must come to our lip
God is not God, God is SIP
We must start this voyage, start this trip

Who, where, what is God? We must ask
It is not blasphemy, we must do this task
If we truly love God, if God, we yearn
Then, this Ultimate Truth, we must learn

God is not made of bone and skin
God is the Power that lives within
God has no birth, God has no death
God is present, in our every breath

Let us stop saying from today, 'God’
Let us realize the truth of our Lord
God is not God, God is SIP
May this Divine truth, from us, never slip

SIP is present in every Soul
SIP is in every creature that can run or roll
SIP fills this universe whole
Be it a mighty animal or just a mole

SIP does not have a name or form
SIP never dies, SIP is not born
SIP has no beginning, SIP has no end
At death, the Power of SIP does transcend

Therefore, SIP is everywhere on earth
SIP is the cause of every birth
SIP gives life, to come and go
Without SIP, there would be no show

I am a Soul, the Soul is SIP
This is the truth that must be on our lip
This will start a voyage on a special ship
And to SIP, we will start our trip

Therefore, in essence, 'Who am I?'
I am that God who is thought to be in the sky
When I realize, I am nothing
I become SIP, I become everything

I am not the body, ego and mind
I am the Soul, when this truth I find
Then, I realize, I am none other than SIP I don't speak,
SIP speaks through my lip

I do nothing, SIP does it all
It is SIP that makes me grow tall
Although in ignorance, I may again fall
But I have realized that there is SIP in all

I am SIP, you are SIP, we all are SIP
The Truth is that SIP is in every lip
We realize the truth, when we go in search
We realize that God is not in a temple or church

SIP is the essence of every being on earth
SIP is in that little rabbit that takes birth
SIP is in that bird that flies in the sky
But we in ignorance, ask, 'How and why?'

When we realize, 'I am the Soul'
And then Realize, 'Soul is SIP’
We then, Realize the Truth, 'We are all SIP’
Every creature alive, is on a Divine Trip

SIP is the Soul in you and me
SIP is the supreme immortal energy
The Soul that is SIP is in every living being
Animals, birds, plants and every living thing

When we realize that the Soul is SIP
We realize God is a Power, then we flip
From the myth, we flip over to the truth
We realize, 'SIP is in every root'

Every tree, every flower and every fruit
All that is alive comes from the root
But what is the Truth about the root?
It is SIP, SIP is in the flower, fruit and the root

This world is nothing but full of SIP
Every molecule of matter is the Power of SIP
The five elements of nature on earth
Are nothing but SIP, this we must unearth

This book will make us unlearn the lie
Let's realize the truth, before we die
‘I not ‘I’, I am SIP
The Supreme Immortal Power is in every chip
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