airatmaninravi AiR

October 15, 1964 - India
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God Realization

Who is God? Where is God? What is God? We ask
Then, we think that this is an impossible task
And we go to Temple and we go to Church
Desperate to find God, we continue our search
Little do we Realize that God lives within
God is not far away, God is just beneath the skin
But because we don't Realize that the way is Self-Realization
We live and die without God-Realization!

Some question, 'Is everything about God, a bunch of lies?'
Others blindly believe that God lives in the skies
Then, some people Pray and live with Hope
They need God so with problems, they can cope
We Pray, we Chant and we all live with Faith
We believe that one day, we will go to Heaven's Gate
And so, we live, waiting to meet God face-to-face
We don't Realize God, we don't get Divine grace!

Only the one who lives with Love and Longing for God
He Realizes God who has a Yearning for the Lord
He questions his religion and puts all beliefs to Test
He wants God so much that he begins his Quest
He doesn’t believe the'Big Bang' and the Theory of the Ape
He Realizes God is in every Soul and things of any shape
His journey of God is a journey of God-Realization
He Realizes God after his Self-Realization!

God is not God, God is SIP
The Supreme Immortal Power that brings life to our Lip
Because we believe in lies, most of us slip
We don't love God enough, we don't get a grip
We are lost in this material world on this earthly trip
We don't go in Quest of God,
We don't go aboard the Divine Ship
When we start to live with the name of SIP on our lip
Then we will begin towards God, our

To Realize God, first, We must Realize, 'Who am 'I'?'
We must Realize that one day, this body will die
We are not the mind that we can never find
We are not the ego, Let's leave this lie behind
If we are not body, mind and ego, then, who are we?
We are none other than God's Divine Energy
When we Realize that We are a Spark Of Unique Life, the Soul
Then, we will Realize God, We will achieve our Goal!

It's strange but True but God stops us from God!
The belief in 'our' God stops us from Realizing our Lord
We just blindly believe in the religion we learned in school
And so, We don't Realize God, We live and die a fool
All Religions are good but we need Spirituality
Like after school we graduate from a University
We must let go of the myth that the Scriptures tell
If we want to Realize God, We must get out of this spell!

God is not God, God is SIP
The Supreme Immortal Power. Let's learn this and flip
God has no beginning, God has no end
God is birthless and deathless, Forever, he does extend
God is the Soul that gives life to You and Me
God is in every molecule, God is energy
This world is nothing but God, Everything is an Illusion
Everything in this world is God's manifestation!
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