airatmaninravi AiR

October 15, 1964 - India
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God is Not God, God is SIP — Supreme Immortal Power

Do you love God, do you seek God, do you pray every day?
Do you have any clue, what to your Lord you say?

Where is God, do you know? Where does He live?
Does He live far away, His address can you give?

Is your Lord, God or is my God the Lord?
Are there many Gods or is there one, Almighty Lord?

So many religions in this world, which is the best?
Which religion will give us God? Come, let us test!

Religion is just a kindergarten, like a basic little school.
But one who is there all his life, will always remain a fool!

Just like we go from a school to a university,
We must graduate and realize God through Spirituality.

God is not a man or woman, made of bone and skin,
God is the Supreme Immortal Power that throbs in the heart within.

We give God a name and a form, we believe in the myth,
We pray to a God who is not God and live and die with it.

God is birthless, God is deathless; God is an Immortal Power.
But we put God in a temple, a church and a monastic tower!

If God is not God, then who is God, how can we find?
We will realize God only when we tame the monkey mind.

We must realize who we are, then we will realize the Lord.
We are the Divine Spirit, the Soul, we are a temple of God.

But how can we be God, we say, how can this be true?
How can God ever be, in me and be in you?

When we realize God is a Power, God is here and there,
We will realize the Power in a flower, the Power is everywhere.

The Power of God can be seen in the mighty sun that glows,
God is in the wind that blows, and in the water that flows.

Because we believe God is human, God is he or she,
We don't realize this is a myth, how can this ever be?

Such is the mighty Power of God, our petty mind cannot see,
Imagine emptying into your bathtub, the waters of the sea.

But still, with innocence and ignorance, we continue to pray,
We believe in God, who is not God, and thus we just bray.

When will we yearn for our Lord, and start for Him a search,
When will we go away from a temple, a synagogue and a church?

When will we start the journey within, go inside and find.
The Lord, behind the senses of the body, the ego and mind!

When we realize 'I am not I', then God will come to light,
When we let go of the ego, then God will come to sight.

God is the Supreme Immortal Power, God is SIP,
What we see of God, in fact, is just the iceberg's tip!

Every atom, every molecule is energy, it is SIP.
Because we live in ignorance, in misery we dip.

When we realize we are that Power, we'll be free from pain,
We will be liberated from the rebirth cycle, again and again.

We live and die, and don't realize what is our goal.
The purpose of life is to realize we are the Divine Soul.

When we realize we are ourselves the Power of SIP,
We will find SIP in all, the Power is in every lip.

Everything that walks and crawls, every bird that can sing,
The Power of SIP is everywhere; it is in everything.

Everything in this world is an illusion, the one reality is SIP.
We don't realize this because we are on a worldly trip!

So, we live, and we die, and God we don't realize,
We roam like blind men and don't open our real eyes.

Just because a man is blind, is it true there is nothing?
No! The truth is he is blind, he can't see anything!

And so, God exists everywhere, in every grain of sand.
But we are searching for God, in a faraway land.

As long as we live with ignorance, the truth will ever hide,
But when we realize God is a Power, within SIP will abide.

Then, we will feel the Power of the Lord every moment we live,
We’ll experience SIP, live with love and joy, and we’ll forgive.

We’ll realize this earth is nothing more than His Divine show,
We are all just actors, we come, and one day we will go.

Everything is just a projection of His mighty Power.
It is all like a dream that gets over before we shower.

We must wake up, realize the truth, and live our life with SIP,
Not continue to follow the foolish herd, we must make a flip!

You are God, I am God; this truth when we get to know,
Then we will overcome misery and enjoy the Life show.

Just because the world is caught in a big illusion,
We should not follow others and live with disillusion.

Only when we realize the truth of 'who am I?'
Then we will realize, SIP is the Power that lasts till we Die.

First we think that my Soul is different from your Soul,
Then we realize all Souls are one and we achieve our goal.

What is the Power that is present in everything that is alive?
It is the Supreme Immortal Power - SIP, don't count from one to five!

As long as we try to define SIP, we will continue to wonder,
The way to realize SIP is to accept and surrender.

Before this journey of life comes to an end,
Let us realize SIP before we take the final bend.

The world may call it Moksha, Nirvana or Enlightenment,
Names are different, it is freedom, free from imprisonment.

When we are free from Ego and Mind and live as the Soul,
We become one with SIP, the Power that is from pole to pole.

When we realize we ourselves are nothing but SIP,
We will live without fear and worry, enjoying this Life trip.

Then we will live with SIP, in ever Consciousness and Bliss,
We will live with Joy and Love, and eternal Happiness.

God is not God, God is SIP, when will this we know?
Hurry up, don't waste time! Soon it will be the end of the show.
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