airatmaninravi AiR

October 15, 1964 - India
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Give before you are gone

Give, before you are gone, for you are sure going to go.
This world is nothing more than a drama, a show.
Give, for you don't know when the death whistle will blow!

Nothing is ours, did we bring anything with us?
We will leave everything behind, then why all the fuss?
Isn't it better that we give away our surplus?

This world is not real, it is a Cosmic Illusion.
Man is a fool, he gets caught in his possession,
The ultimate goal of man is to get Liberation.

There is great joy in giving, have you ever tried to give?
If you haven't ever given, you haven't started to live!
Nothing is more important than to give as you live.

We spend our entire life, first to learn and then to earn,
Whatever we earn, one day, others will burn!
This is a simple truth, but this, when will we learn?

Nothing is ours, it is just a Trust, just like a loan.
We have to leave everything behind, even our mobile phone!
People who don't understand this, don't smile, they groan.

It is certain that every 'body' must die, none can escape death,
You may have wealth, but soon you will lose your breath!
Therefore give, before you are gone, the wise men have said.

Life is made up of a few years, don't try to add years to life,
Add life to your years and give to those who are in strife,
Don't just keep your money, for your family after your life!

Those who are ignorant, think everything is ours,
They have a lot of money, but are caught behind these bars,
They don't realize the truth, they are zapped by the stars.

They do not give what they have, because they live with fear,
‘What will happen if I give away everything, my dear!'
They sing this song, until they die, year after year.

They don't realize it's all Maya, a cosmic projection,
They don't realize it's a Leela, a show in higher dimension,
They spend their life, doing nothing, except in wealth collection.

They did not spend time understanding their duty or Dharma,
They did not realize the truth of the Law of Karma,
Nobody told them that their goal was Moksha.

The Law of Karma is simple, what you give is what you get,
Karma makes no mistake, you can be sure, this is a bet!
If you don't get it now, it will come after you are dead!

For all this, you need, what is called, Self-Realization,
Overcoming ignorance, and getting Liberation.
When we give, we will get the Divine revelation.

For God is not someone who lives up in the stars,
Not in a temple or church, not even in Mars!
God is in every living being, in birds, animals and flowers.

We don't realize that when we give, we actually give to God.
Every human being is a manifestation of the Lord.
We just follow the herd and are caught by the fraud.

Whatever we earn is going to be a complete waste!
This truth is bitter, but we must ensure that this we taste.
If we don't give, we will be gone and everything will be erased.

A man who dies rich, in reality dies very poor,
For if he did not give anything, he will suffer for sure.
All his life, all he did, was to want more and more!

Isn't it the truth, empty-handed we come, and we go?
We must learn that we must give before the end of the show,
What we give, will come back to us, this we must know.

But what we don't give, we leave behind, others will snatch,
We have no option but to give, did you get the catch?
If not when alive, after we die, everything will despatch.

So, learn this simple lesson and Give before you are Gone,
If you don't learn this, you are sure to be reborn,
You will suffer again and again, and this will go on and on.
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