airatmaninravi AiR

October 15, 1964 - India
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The whole world is in panic
The whole world is in fear!
They don’t know what the truth is
But they are zapped with what they hear 

A virus has attacked us! 
It is going to wipe out the world! 
It is going to kill us all…
Through the media, we are told

Is it a danger, is it real? 
Or is this just a myth? 
As long as we live in fear
We will never realize the truth

Of course, it has killed thousands 
And it’s mainly the old
The young will mostly get away, 
With a fever, cough and cold

The Coronavirus is a champion
It seems to have a tactic
Though many it appears to infect 
But for some, it is asymptomatic

Therefore, we don’t know the numbers 
Who are actually killed by the virus 
There are many with heart and lung disease 
Are they dying because of this?

The whole world is in panic
They think of COVID they will die 
They have locked themselves in their houses 
Unable to enjoy the sky

Of course, we must take precautions 
And stay away from one with a cough 
But to shut down the entire world 
That is way off!

Fear is the cause of this panic
It is making a mountain of a molehill 
Far more than the Coronavirus
It is Fear that will kill

F E A R is False Expectations Appearing Real 
The mind creates this thought
But once paralyzed by this panic 
In anxiety we are caught

Why are we scared, why do we fear?
Why are humans given this gift? 
God gave us this instinct for a reason 
From real dangers, so we can drift 

There are many types of fears
Some even fear a loud sound
Some fear to go up in the sky
Some fear a lizard on the ground!

Fear often grows into a phobia 
An irrational fear of something
Dentophobia is a fear of the dentist 
And claustrophobia, a crowd of anything 

Some have zoophobia – fear of animals, 
Some arachnophobia – fear of spiders 
With aerophobia, there is fear of flying 
And cyberphobia - fear of computers 

Finally, the question that matters most 
Is fear actually real?
Fear is not a danger, fear doesn’t kill 
It’s just an Expectation that Appears Real

But when fear attacks us
And fills our body and mind
The rascal makes us suffer
And makes our life a grind

Fear is not a danger
There is a difference in these two 
A danger can attack us
But fear just makes us feel blue 

The consequence of fear is tremendous 
It can bring our life to a halt
It can stop our intellect from thinking 
By just finding fault

What is the cause of fear?
This killer is caused by our mind 
It makes us see what is not
In anxiety, makes us blind

But there is a way to overcome it 
With courage and with hope
We must wipe out every thought of worry 
Then with stress and panic we will cope

But the first step is to wipe out 
Ignorance from the mind
To differentiate the mind from the intellect 
Both are of a different kind

The intellect can discriminate
It can realize the truth
We must ask questions and investigate 
Till we get to the bottom of the root 

It is important to flip our life over 
From NEP flip to PEP
From negative emotions to positive emotions 
From poison to power, step by step 

After all, life is a drama
On the earth stage, it’s just a show 
We are all actors in this theatre 
We come, but we must go

Nobody can escape death
Life is in somebody else’s hand
There is a power we can’t comprehend 
That created the sky and land

Because we fear we will die
We live with such panic
We get scared of a virus
That’s truly tragic!

Fear can lock us in prison
Fear can shut life’s door
Fear can frighten us to no end
Drilling into our core

The biggest Fear is that of death 
Loss of all that is known
And then a greater fear still
What is beyond death, unknown

But Fear will make us suffer
Fear will make us sad
We must learn to overcome it
If again we want to be glad

There is a way to overcome
The ignorance caused by fear
It happens with Realization of the Truth 
Not going by what we hear

We must ask and investigate
How real is our fear
Is it actually a danger
That’s coming very near?

Fear is an illusion
But is powerful and can kill
It can paralyze our entire life
And stop us from doing our will

Today, fear more than ever before 
Has made the world come to a stop 
In panic, stress, and anxiety
Forced people to shut their shop 

Of course, the virus will kill a few 
But all of us eventually must die 
If not because of this virus
Something else will send us to the sky 

So why be in panic of the virus? 
We must realize the cause is fear 
False Expectations Appearing Real 
Is truly causing us dear

The economic crisis that is being caused 
Is far greater than the virus
But fear is making us blind to the truth 
And going in the wrong direction, in stress 

Fear is making us blind
We can’t see the truth that is plain, 
It’s projecting illusions that are fake 
And will cause the world to be slain.

It’s time to realize what fear is doing 
And kill it before it kills us
The virus will come, and the virus will go 
But fear must not destroy us

If we remain ignorant of our ignorance 
And live with fear and stress
Every such virus that comes in life 
Will make our life a mess
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