airatmaninravi AiR

October 15, 1964 - India
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Conversations on Life with AiR

Who am I? Why am I here?
What is the Purpose of my life, my dear?
When somebody asks me, 'What is the Truth?'
I tell them to get to the bottom of the root

My life is all about conversations Conversations that become Inspirations For one needs motivation to seek Realization
And Realization will give Liberation

Must I suffer right till I die?
Am I just meant to live and cry?
What is the cause of this bad luck and fate?
Why is my life full of anger and hate?

People have questions but whom to ask?
Who will give answers to this arduous task?
Most of the times, we are filled with lies
We are told that God lives in the skies

Whom should I talk to, whom should I seek?
To which Spiritual Master, I must speak? Who will take me to the ultimate Peak?
I don’t know, I am so meek!

When I meet people who don’t know what to do
I try to tell them, just what is true
Everything in this world is nothing but a show
We are just actors who come and go

When somebody asks me, ‘Peace, how can I find?’
I tell them that they must still their mind
Peace is within, we don’t have to find
Open your real eyes, don’t be blind!

Then there are people who want Happiness
They want to live in Peace and Bliss
I just tell them, ‘Happiness is in the Now’
To be Happy in the Now, make a vow

So, my life is full of Conversations
I am glad for these are Inspirations
They lead people from misery to Liberation
And with the Divine to ultimate Unification

This is the purpose of my life
To help people be happy and free from strife
To help people achieve their ultimate goal
To realize that they are the Divine Soul

So, even if I walk, I continue to talk
And answer people, who come with a knock
I help them with a direction, those who just flock
I reveal the truth so the secret of life they unlock!

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