This, The Creation

the creation,
a new universe,
the opening of a door,
a vertiginous explosion,
or maybe a hole to the underlying.
But that would imply incompletion.
Where did the contents of the hole go?
Are they in another gallery, on another canvas?
Is this meaningful at all...what am I saying, of course it is.
But was it's meaning intentional, that is to say, did the artist create it
with meaning in mind?

he didn't.
I am reading too much.
It is not so complex, it is simple.
It is paint on paint, white on black-blue.
But still, I have read it, and it has many faces.
Could it represent the opening of a door? the first light after many years
of darkness?
Or maybe it represents the last glimpse of light before the door closes,
before darkness overwhelms.

Maybe not though.
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