Adison Ahuja

November 13th, 1995
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Unspoken Echoes

In twilight's embrace, we tranced through the night,
Lost in conversation, till dawn's gentle light.
Our bond, a cherished gem, though shadows fell,
For another's grasp held her heart's secret spell.

We traversed the hours, like souls intertwined,
Unraveling mysteries, our thoughts aligned.
Yet whispers cast a disapproving shroud,
As envy and longing brewed in hearts unbowed.

Through labyrinthine paths, we tread with care,
Veiling our connection, a love deemed unfair.
Forbidden yearnings swirled, in clandestine air,
A symphony of emotions, too potent to bear.

Oh, the pain it brought, to witness her delight,
In the arms of another, my psyche took flight.
But still, I cherished the moments we shared,
Though hidden desires within me flared.

After many moons, as time flew by,
She’s with her true love, bliss shining in her eye.
And I, too, found solace, content with my plight,
Uncertain of what could have been, in the night.

Regrets danced in shadows, like ghosts in the mist,
The road less traveled, its secrets persist.
But fate's whims whispered, answers unrevealed,
An unspoken ballad, a love's sacred shield.

Yet in quiet moments, thoughts of her arise,
Do I cross her mind, in a bittersweet guise?
For in the chambers of my heart, her memory shall reside,
A timeless echo of a love that defied.

So let the ballad sing of what could have been,
Of friendship's blossoming, unspoken and unseen.
For in this tale, we find comfort in the unknown,
A tapestry woven, in hearts that have grown.
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