Adison Ahuja

November 13th, 1995
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Butterflies and bellyaches

In a realm of memories, a love once divine,
We sat on that rooftop, sipping on cheap wine,
The cityscape glowing, a backdrop so fine,
Our hearts intertwined, like ivy and vine.

Moments by the boardwalk, amongst the towers,
Our love, like summer sunsets, waned by hours,
As we strolled hand in hand, listening to the city’s whispers and powers,
Feeling the breeze caress our faces like gentle soft showers.

Our last summer together, a dance in the sand,
As pristine as a moonlight beam, ridiculously unplanned,
We laughed and we twirled, beneath the stars so grand,
For love’s fleeting nature, we may not command.

She sips piña coladas, like lovers do,
With memories of us, shared with someone new,
Now the snowbank blues may start to ensue,
But how can I forget that breathtaking view?

The music plays on, and my mind starts to break,
As I’m lost in a sea of memories I just can’t shake,
Butterflies and bellyaches as I try to concentrate,
In my thoughts, a maze, I’m unable to escape.

I’m sorry for the heartache, for the love I couldn’t create,
For the moments we shared, and the paths we didn’t take,
Though my mind may wander, and my heart may hesitate,
I wish you love and happiness, I do,
B, it’s not too late.
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