Adhyatmika Panda

March 10, 2006 , Odisha ,India
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Looking with the hope
Glowing faces and spirits up,
For being together forever,
Finding you a beautiful lover.

Thousand dreams had I created
Thousand wishes had I made,
For the one ,you, for whom,
I let my tears shed.

Memories flashes back,
And conspicuous thoughts that link,
Blinding by your overwhelming love
I forget the world with a blink.

Nudging you your sweet touch,
Gathering you in my soft clutch,
Forgetting all the world in vain,
But at last you left me in pain.

Yes, blinded by you in all aspects,
Was with you although being desperate,
Believing you your quixotic words,
But you miscreant used me as a play card.
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