Adam Bowman

03/22/1996, Cincinnati Ohio
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Biography of Adam Bowman

I am relatively new to the world of poetry and have only seriously been writing/reading poems for the last two years. I was drawn to poetry in a difficult time in my life as I was struggling with various life circumstances. I found that reading and writing poetry to be therapeutic and healing for me, especially in expressing emotions such as grief, anger, and despair. In a very short period of time, poetry has become an important part of me and I have been cultivating a hunger to deepen my practice in writing. I have begun to read poetry more regularly, tyring to expose myself to different styles, subjects, cultures, and time periods. Increasing the amount and diversity of poetry I'm reading has inspired me to experiment in the same areas in my own writing. What I feel I have been lacking is a community of other poets to discuss and share what we have been reading and writing. I do not have any other people I'm in contact with that are also interested in poetry/writing. I want to improve my writing and recieve feedback on what I have written so far. I would also be interested in exploring first steps towards publication and learning more what goes into that process. I am looking forward to connecting with and learning from you all!