Acuda Derick

February 08, 1995 - Lira, Uganda
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The mind can be a fragile thing,
A labyrinth of thoughts within.
A maze of memories and dreams,
A place where reality begins.

But what happens when the mind takes flight,
And reason loses its hold on sight?
When the boundaries of sanity are crossed,
And the senses seem to become lost?

Insanity is a madman's dance,
A twisted game of circumstance.
Where reality is no longer the norm,
And the mind is caught in a mental storm.

The visions and voices that once were ignored,
Now take center stage with such reckless abandon.
The world becomes a dark and twisted place,
As the mind descends into a deep, dark chasm.

Insanity is a world of its own,
Where the rules we once knew are gone.
A place where the mind is set free,
And the boundaries of reality cease to be.

So let us tread lightly in this world,
And never forget what sanity's worth.
For once the mind is lost to this dark dance,
There may be no turning back, no second chance.
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