Acuda Derick

February 08, 1995 - Lira, Uganda
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Forests are a wonder, a natural masterpiece
A realm of magic and a home of peace
A place of harmony, so rich and divine
A symphony of life, in which the flora and fauna align

Deep within the woods, where the shadows play
The trees stand tall, like a kingdom of trees sway
Moss and ferns capture the ground
As the sun's rays pierce the leaves, creating a symphony of sound

Wind chimes of birds, that hum in the background
And crunchy twigs, under every step we surround
The aroma of apples and earth fills the air
As the tree's roots form an intricate and peaceful layer

The forest is full of surprises, shades and hues
A lively ecosystem, where flora and fauna coexist and diffuse
From dappled sunlight, to murky mists and dew
The forest is a true natural wonder, forever a new
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