Abraham J. Heller

Flushing, New York

To Bernadette - My Vow

With you, this earth was
a reflection of paradise.
For each other, there was nothing
we wouldn't sacrifice.
We experienced the epitome of connubial love,
A blissful emotion, which could
only be gifted from above.

You passing cast a shadow
before my saddened eyes,
As the clouds of sorrow darkened
the threatening skies.
The earth took on a somber and ghostly mien.
Fo me, at times, it was as if hell was seen.

You were a friend, buddy and confidante.
We shared our thoughts, feelings and sentiment.
We bonded as if joined by eternal cement.
No one on earth or heaven
could be more content.

In return, as the Lord wished, we helped others,
Treating the needy as if
they were sisters or brothers.
Our only reward was their expressed gratitude.
We embued in them an optimistic attitude.

To love life was your legacy to me.
AT my side, I now you will always be.
To you, I vow to do my very best,
Until beside you I will be laid to rest!
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