Abigail Wolf

Ohio- December 23,2001
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Beauty comes from pain,
Pain comes from love,
Love is the reason my heart beats.

You make me wanna sing,
Singing makes me wanna dance,
Dancing makes me happy,
Happy brings me back to you.

You make me wanna know,
Know how far love can go.
Love is why I am talking to you,
Love is stronger than pain,
Pain is bigger than fear.

Fear is losing you,
Fear is not knowing;
Knowing what the future holds.
But you walk around with your head held high.

Higher than yesterday,
Yesterday is done,
Today is just a new yesterday,
The future is different from today.

Now is where you are,
The future is where I want;
Want you to be,
The past is where I wished you were.

Relationships are more than just a fling,
Flings are a one time thing,
A relationship is where you find,
Find your soulmate.

Soulmates are people,
People who can fight,
And still love each other,
And want to be together;
No matter what life throws their way.

Ways I love you?
I could never list them all,
There are too many,
I could never express them all either.
Just know that you could never make me hate you.

Hate there is no room in my heart,
When I have you;
You take all my negative thoughts,
And you make them disappear

But, if you are not here,
They start to creep back in,
And I fight to keep them out,
But it is hard.
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