Abhishek Verma

July 31, 2003 Unnao India

A love That Happened

Once a year ago
Some stranger happened
Walking through my soul
Hedging from parents and
Dominating the world of Othello.

Yes, I found someone unknown
Who dressed like a February Spring,
A girl with stunning beauty,
Smiling at me like moon at Earth or Child at Birth,
I too smiled in cute loneliness and then ended.

No Doubt, She was Beautiful,
By the way she entered in an empty heart,
with deep sorrows an big failures
and made everything delightful

No, she wasn’t my friend
neither my neighbour nor girlfriend
but a complete stranger thousand miles away
but very close to my way.

I met her again at beach
Where the wave preach
the message of love and infinite reach
But this time I didn’t smiled because
I don’t want a new failure scratch.

Yes, she again smiled but I don’t
Followed by some dark scars
And dangerous conflicts
Guided by Ego, I left her at beach
Explaining my heart, it’s out of reach.

Yes, that night was moon light
And was sensational beautiful delight
Then heart says go there but she wasn’t there
For her, I searched over a hectare
But seen only dull faces and fear

Yes, that night I didn’t slept
Remembering that soulful sight
And that known grief of separation happened
Keeping me all night awakened.

Yes, I never saw her again in life,
But I walked through her by killing all my strife,
What I found can’t be explained
A true love is always maintained
Which neither found in red roses nor in valentine doses
Because all this dies but love don’t.

Yes, she’s my past which grown so vast
Glittering through my eyes, living in infinite skies
Watching through my soul, living in all my friends
Like pearls in sea, Which are all my buzzing bands.

No, I am not sad
Because I never talked her
Or walked along with her.
But I am thankful at least she came
Somewhat like rain
Like I for my Mom and Dad

Yes, that may pleasing to you
But, oh dear stranger ‘I truly love you‘.
Once upon a time, a love happened
Without name, promise, kiss or present

Love is the best journey without a ticket
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