For the Sake of Your Eyes

For the sake of your eyes
I fell in love with passion
After long being
Carefree and complacent
My eyes that had been used to
Repose and slumber,
Pleaded with insomnia
To stay

Oh you, charming,
Oh you, captivating,
If not for you,
I wouldn’t have been
Moved with passion,
Nor the taste of love
Would’ve appealed to me

Here’s my heart
Be its guardian
Lead its affairs
Oppress it,
If you so desire
Or do it justice

The beaming light
From love in your eyes
Ignited my passion
Wherever you were set to go,
On your path,
I set my sight
I marshaled my eyes
To follow you

Sights surrounding me
Have become obscure
My doubts and my certainty
In my heart, desires dance
To the rhythm of my misery

I detect passion
From the sound of
Your concealed sighs
between your breath
For me, not to discern

I know not. Is it love
Which you feared its griefs
Or dreaded the blame,
Then, resorted to silence

You filled my path of passion
With pleasure
Like light on the forehead
Of a dewed dawning day

If you sensed
Suffering in me,
You would cry
Like a frightened fatigued child

After you seduced me,
I’ve found nothing,
But a mirage clung to my hand
From which I’ve gained nothing,
But a fleeing fading light
That has vanished from my vision
And I’ve been left,
Lost, unguided

Long, I laughed
While I was crying
Longing to prolong my agony

Long, I considered
My days as if not precious
Yet, they were
My life,
My youth,
My juvenescence,

Long I mistook
The moaning sound
between my ribs
As resonating rhythms
Of harmonious songs

And I toasted the tears of my heart
When you didn’t come and ask
What had befallen me

Ask not about our nights,
And how delightful they were

Ask me not about our aspirations,
For they were just delusions

As for the past,
And I’ve dropped
Its veiling, concealing curtain

For you shall endure
The bitterness
Of desertion
And you shall retain
your repentance
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