Zebra Black

6 24 Moniticello NY

Witching Hour

stuffed like manicotti

diaphanous girl
a headless masquerade
her black lipstick and shivering pearls
giggle like earthquake chandeliers

festooned buttocks
curves a lyrical hell of desire

pocket eyes
dead suns
yield vacant split azure vault
a fetish horror
zoomorphic and headless

a thrilled non compos mentis
her mouth widens
like a line turning into circle
turning into a jagged city
of twining red wet mayhem

fish head stare
and toothy kisses
on red abdomen posy hook
jutting her spine for sadistic fires
she rolls her velvet thighs
a wrench
and twitch
a mad headless lunar sputnik
circumambulates spit tongue sputum

she is the hole in the sky of god
her spirit impaled upon
torrential mountain libidos
impaled on a wild life park of cocks

wet fingering a basket of skulls
she nestled
her depraved tilted crown
wilting onto the stained guillotine

saying come on
i can hardly wait to get started
make me the ghastly queen
goddess of the witching hour
bone blood
and black glitter dead of night
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