Zebra Black

6 24 Moniticello NY


nightmare fuel
into black steel veins
dreaming of upside down
sucking inside out
divinations with spilled bones

i'm origami girl
cum whoop cunt slap
she quipped folding herself
into a teensy pinkish shape
to fit in an overnight bag
girded for last exile
a runaway bride
hot ragdoll
in a borderless drooling bed
ready for a long night vacation
possessed of a dark commerce
hallucinating a suicide pact
in a cast of whirling spells

blood magus diadem
ritual of teeth and snapping tongue
head in the mouth
a hedonic red bridge of havoc
to rust blood paradise

she pantomimed
i know being dead
is not an obstacle
to a good photograph

covenant of gorgrish

she kneels in a fire place
sucking off a midnight entity
of deformed shadows
and hinged erections

rickety tickety tin
sang clutching muffin
in Neolithic fires
tinker toy femurs ass deep

a dark heaven chants
rape ghosts and gorgons
while sea witches and dwindling waves
like goat steps
edge twilight princess

Zex depraved lord
and lick my lips
crucify her spread wide
coiling vacant maidens
yielding angel hemic tides
in rituals of perversion
on scarlet pavement

as she is dragged
on her knees
where moaning thighs perch
on nailed sticks
and invisible doors burn
she communes with oracles of lust
that incinerate rafts of acetylene
windows slam shut
like shuddering robes of thunder

and a headless god
pours her glistening tears
over his arterial bludgeon

resurrection of eros
in the Golgotha
of swarming sorcerers

she called to hell
i am prey
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