Yoko Fushigina

July 22, 2003 - Tokio
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Flame in my eyes will burn all your affections.
You'll lose yourselves with your hopes and directions.
You are already mine, 'cause I love people
As snakes love mice. You' re desperate - I'm gleeful.
You need me as a psychodelic, you're attached.
I'm indestructable, invincible, unmatched.
Without my fame you are just crud and scum.
Destroy my enemies and everything they love!
- - - - - - - - -
Now, when the spotlights illuminate my intellection,
When my desires and my wishes cease to be the realm of my imagination,
When the greatest of this world are kneeled before my glory,
I'll break objections, conscience, blazed in gory.
This night inaugurates accession in this town.
Obey my will, you're falling down.
Staring at the panoramic window, laughing without stop
I will be thrilled by chaos I've made up.

Killed by my majesty you'll pray the skies in tears,
You'll call for help of angels and the demons.
But your attempts are foolish in all ways,
Because they have already rendered into slaves.
Now, when you've realised who's loving mate
And whom you have to push aside and hate,
Just as the greatest of the deities existing
I'll drown this planet in the darkness, blood and dying.

I'll reach my goals, stabbing between eyes.
No friends or family, I have only allies,
Manipulating whom is fun. Just living such...
I have a heart, but I don't use it much...
And still I deal with fake smile on my own.
Does the most nightmarish bastard feel alone?
My dinner's filled with horrors that evolve.
I swallow them with gloom that they're made of...
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