Yahaya Qasim

May 15, 1997- Ibadan
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The Path of Destiny

I am the maker of my destiny
Through the plot of my journey
To be who I am meant to be
And it's only I who posses the key

Luck might truly walk my way
Situations might lead me astray
All lie in the decisions of my palms
And the hard work of my arms

I am my choices maker
My choices make my karma
My karma forms my destiny
And my destiny turns to my reality

If success would pay me a dime
It takes my sweat and my time
The glory of my nearest future
Is on the forehead of my current adventure

If our fate totally lies with the creator
Achilles wouldn't have killed the Hector
The decision of my free will
Is what hunts me in the back still

Albeit a hidden force pulls my strings
Carefully I choose what life brings
If from my path I do my best
Let's see how destiny handles the rest
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