William Thomas Goodge

1862 - 1909 / Australia

Two Men And A Maid

Two little dudes from the George-street block,
Up for a brief vacation!
One little girl in a neat print frock,
Maid of the Mulga Station!
Two little dudes with walking-sticks,
Two little heads that the collars fix!
Two little hats at nine-and-six,
Two little dudes on a station.

One little maid with a bashful smile,
Given for a salutation;
Two little dudes of the nan-nan style,
Bent on a captivation.
One little maid with a smile so true,
Curly hair of a nut-brown hue;
Eyes of a liquid violet blue,
One little maid on a station.

“Didn’t she fear her walks to take
Over the grassy clearing?”
“Didn’t she fear some nasty snake
His ugly head a-rearing?”
“Sirs,” she said, with an arching brow,
And a smile that was hardly a smile somehow,
“There are so many jackasses ‘round here now,
That the snakes are disappearing!”
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