William Herbert Carruth


God Bless You

When you've struggled hard and long
And the battle has gone wrong
And a world of cares oppress you,
Like cool water from a spring,
Like the balm the south-winds bring,
Are the simple words, 'God bless you.'

When you're going far away,
Far from all you love to stray,
And the parting-pangs distress you,
Like a sunbeam in the heart,
Though the choking ,tears may start,
Are the words, 'Good-bye, God bless

When the bitter days are past,
When your joy is full at last,,
And the winds of heaven caress you,
Then the heart will overflow
While the happy head bends low
And a true friend says, 'God bless you.'

Be his faith in James or Paul,
One God, many, or none at all,
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