William Crandell

July 26, 1980

Just something that happened.

1992 living red white and blue

at proctor home wonder if family's true

trying to understand why people do what they do

look in the mirror and said who are you

shaving my head for a whole new due

seeing so clear

many had fear

and I said that can't be here

and in that mirror

came a black man to show fear

he said to me listen here

we're not gonna let this stand

I said well then I'm man

I'll do what I can

and he told me the plan

we'd make a band

a target of a man

are you sure you can

I will draw out the assault

with a lot of insult

wasn't concerned about fault

so I walk down the asphalt

and over the dirt

and eye to eye saw a jerk

his friend gather I they'd go berserk

wasn't worried if the natives would desert

but I didn't think it would work

I thought it was gonna hurt

but in the end

I knew what would win

wasn't the color of your skin

or where you had been

it was stand for those that wanted everyone as a friend

the end.
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