William Arthur Ward

1921 - 1994 / Louisiana

The Optimist vs the Pessimist

The optimist turns the impossible into the possible;
the pessimist turns the possible into the impossible.
The optimist pleasantly ponders how high the kite will fly;
the pessimist woefully wonders how soon the kite will fall.
The optimist sees a green near every sand trap;
the pessimist sees a sand trap near every green.
The optimist looks at the horizon and sees an opportunity;
the pessimist peers into the distance and fears a problem.

To the optimist all doors have handles and hinges;
to the pessimist all doors have locks and latches.
The optimist promotes progress, prosperity and plenty;
the pessimist preaches limitations, liabilities and losses.
The optimist accentuates assets, abundance, and advantages;
the pessimist majors in mistakes, misfortunes and misery.
The optimist goes out and finds the bell;
the pessimist gives up and wrings his or her hands.
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