Vincent von Ellesmere

England 1980 may 30th


I'm so tiered & weary, with this battle between my head & my heart, being a soul in control of a body is no easy task at all, Its hard being the ruler of my head & heart, always in the middle of a war between feelings & thoughts, as the mind wants to rule the heart & the heart wants to rule the mind, they often forget it's me the soul that keeps them both alive, I am the divine given energy that flows through the body's of humanity, if the body can't unite as one then the body dies quickly & I go back to the divine one, as the soul lives on but the body does not, the divine told all souls of heaven to take control of the body's of earth. it's up to the soul to unite the mind & heart with soul, The power of three shall set you free once we've learned all their is to learn. The soul the mind & the heart. The trinity of you and me. © By Vincent Von ellesmere 2019
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