Ujjal Mandal

Ganguria, West Bengal, 21 September, 1995- India
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Man has no Religion

Ujjal Mandal,India

Man has no religion
Like water of rain and ocean,
Enjoy the life you've been given
Like the blooming moon
In the dark night.
O dear, life is twenty steps away
Of tomb, or funeral pyre.
Why people are busy to protect
Their religion?
What religion they are speaking
That tells the art of conspiracy
Or hatred or anger!
A child is born free without
Be the child dear,
Come, all my brothers and sisters
To make our lives more lively,
And to enjoy the last moments
Of our life.
We are all men. We've no religion.
We are all like the birds flying
To feel the freedom,
We are like the flowers blooming
With nectar.
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