Tom Lathara

Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Truth died. It was a long time coming.
The sad demise surprised many,
fondly remembered, deeply mourned
She was of good stock and had a good run
sturdy and stolid, defended many who ran to her side.

The cause of death, yet to be revealed
but a widely whispered secret flew from ear to ear.
It was not of natural causes
but prolonged asphyxiation due to external pressure.
and could not survive continued smothering.

Truth lived among us, along with her sister Justice,
None knew her parents, some said divine.
Mythical or mystical, she kept us all going, humane,
She was real, beautiful and vulnerable to all who knew her
She lived among us, only in us.

Truth was well loved and sudden death unimaginable
Plotters who sought her demise hatched a different scheme -
Truth was an imposter, her secret sibling the real one, they said.
Excite the righteous indignation of enough good people
You have their blood oath to save the world.

New prophets emerged swearing on their divinity.
With their shining golden calf in all its glory.
‘Truth you knew is not the real thing’, declared the prophets.
All the good people ambled about, touching, poking, kissing,
Dancing, convinced the golden calf is the real thing.

For truth, the final send off was grand and fitting,
state honors and regal lying in state
each step, measured, manicured, dignified.
Impressive men in dark suits and spotless white
Ladies in somber dress and matching countenance.

During the final rites, the unexpected happened
Opened casket revealed, truth’s body was missing!!.
Truth, the beloved truth, did she ever live among us?
Was it all a dream, a well cultivated massive myth?
Or did she ever die at all? How can she?

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