Tom Lathara

Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Return of the spring

The heady days of spring is smiling again,
Tender shoots of hope budding on branches
where icicles stayed on with stubborn frostiness,
like newborns with their eyes yet unopened.

Warmth of golden sun stroking your face
streaked by the weariness of the harsh winter.
The air is brimming with expectations
Gaining fresh ground every new morning.

The vast woods stretched for miles
Their dry bones hopelessly shriveled
But these dry bones shall live on command,
sinews and the flesh restored upon them.

A thousand blossoms of heavenly hues
Designed to dazzle all who behold, awaits
Biding their time in the bare naked branches
With the tender foliage for an honor guard.

Soon, the giddy bees will be buzzing around,
Drunk with sweetness and joy, fluttering wings
Sending ripples of fragrance in ever wider circles.
Playful butterflies flirting with the alluring flowers.

Scour your souls and mend the frazzled friendships,
Severed bonds by the stubborn frozen strands
Why languish in islands of lonely exhaustion
Friendship delights await the guileless free spirits.

Seasons and fortunes has their cyclical rhythms
Enchanted friendships too have their ebbs and flows.
Climb, climb up the mountain, your widened horizons
diminishes your difference to insignificance.

It's time again, my love we return to the spring
The season of hope, shedding winter torpor,
with a carafe of sweet wine and a piece of bread,
weave new dreams ensconced in the charms of spring.

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