Tom Lathara

Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Today is my friend’s birthday.
Torrents of texts and messages, mundane wishes
Heaped on her like abandoned placards after an election rally.
What shall I wish her, a hundred others haven’t?.

May your days be green with a healthy sheen
Like leaves on the tree by the flowing waters
Exhaling life with every breath, in silence,
Not out of demand but of innate goodness.

When you walk in the morning,
May the roses and Jasmine scent your path,
When you walk in the darkness,
A million festive fireflies escort you along the path.

May the Efforts of your day find enthusiastic acceptance,
And you relish every morsel you bite, savor it’s goodness,
May your friends be true and many, your table
Always abundant, cups of merriment overflowing.

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