Tammy Darby

We are Poets

Scholars of the script
The notably odd ones out
Greedily clutching our paper
Wooden pencil in hand
Remaining silent when we want to shout

Aspiring to write perfect stanza
That is always just beyond our grasp
Bearing the sidelong glances and whispers
That our undertakings often bring about

We are the Misfits
The Manic
The Loners
The Strange
Rife with depression
Foundering through the world of poetry
While declining to be mundane

We are the poets
The writers
Artists of letters
Courageous and valiant
Carefully treading through the veil of reality
Striving not to lose our balance

We are the poets
The writers
Singular and unique
Each having a story to tell
As we live our lives
A precarious existence at best
Between the promise of Heaven
And the fear of Hell

All Rights Reserved. Tammy M. Darby Feb. 1, 2019
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