Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Live by the sword die by the sword

They smiled and waved their flags
With their babies held high in the air
While across the planet other children starved in silence
Drunk with false patriotism
The colors blinded their eyes to the suffering
Songs of victory justified the violence

Wearing their pride, a false garment
Deaf to the sounds of the people’s plight
Weak minds filled with propaganda
Smiling their leaders used sleight of hand
Turning day into night

How could they allow this to happen?
And watch callously as the world for peace yearned
Tout the Christian religion
While the bodies of innocents slept in the ground
And year after year the seasons turned

Some may call me a traitor
Still others treasonous infidel
But heed my warning
Live by the sword die by the sword
Its story will always tell

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