Tammy Darby

They drowned in blood

Treading in the crimson liquid
From the nations they had torn asunder
The chaos they wrought upon the world
Slowly sinking
Soon to descend completely under

The orders of murder they gave
In their pursuits of riches in haste
Giving little thought to the turmoil, their greed would yield
Their eyes shone gold with forbidden covetousness
Smiling callously slaughtered millions

They were drowning in blood
Trying to swallow and drink it in
Confident they could fool destiny
And bribe death once again

Living demons that wrought annihilation
Created from war and strife
The desire for coin fed evils yearning
Commanded their hearts and ruled their minds

Arms flailing and reaching towards the heavens
They were submerged into a red flood
Choking on sin by their own hands
They drowned in blood.

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