Tammy Darby

The Witch birthed in Hell

They said it was she who granted your desires
A frenzied mind trapped in dreams
Sprung from the cradle where madness was sired
Playing the sharps and flats of spells
Nights murmurs and sighs
With skilled fingers on a cursed lyre
Laughing as she strummed taunt strings
Preying on their weakness and greed.

It was muttered she emerged from the silent dark
Her heart in pieces torn and ragged
A face once beautiful
Now old, weary and haggard
Wandering alone through shadows and time
Wearing the robes of eternity
Into infinity, she would plunge and stay
For many nights and many days.

It was written by some she existed only in lore
Crafted from a poet’s words
Her power constructed from letters, stanzas, and thought
A combination of bitterness and hate
Imagination and screams
The suns blinding rays
Oceans malachite green
The moons milky beams

It was whispered she was born of circumstance dire
In the smoke of fear and dread
From the flowing waters of the dead
The path that sinners tread
She arose from hades dell
Evils only child
So, primeval stories tell
Of the witch birthed in hell

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