Tammy Darby

The Widows Mourned the White Stones

Where cold the bodies lay
Pledged their loyalty and honor to a lie
They shall nevermore say

Sacrificed their lives
For the red, white and blue star covered flag
While covetous politicians
Piling high their spoils
Washed the blood from their hands

The children mourned the white stones
Where the cold bodies lay
Little boys’ and girls’ tears flowing down their cheeks
Throughout their lives remember this day

The proud American died for his beliefs
He shall nevermore say
When the sun rose orange
Sleeping quietly in a marble grave

The widows mourned the white stones
Where the now cold bodies lay
A few loving words by those close to the heart
They shall nevermore say

It was their duty to act as they swore and pledged
A soldier they follow commands
Leaving their souls forever in golden deserts
While politicians
Washed the blood from their hands

All Rights Reserved @ Copyright Tammy M. Darby Nov. 8, 2018.
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