Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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The Tales of Halloween

It’s Hallows eve in the underworld
Conjuring up an orange clouded moon
On a raven song night
Witches ride cold gales
On rope tied magical brooms

The glowing jagged mouth pumpkins
With flickering candle yellow eyes
Stare out of noisy houses
As goblins abound
And wispy shadows arise

Chattering excited small children
Walking noisily from door to door
Begging boldly for treats
Greedy little short creatures
Always wanting more

Now warm and safely tucked in their beds
They imagine monsters with skin scaly and green
Filled with fear and delight
Candy counted, covers pulled over their heads
It’s time for them to dream

Of black cats, ghosts and scary stories
Laughing Jack - O- Lanterns sing
Told round smoky smoldering campfires
In frightened low voices
The tales of Halloween
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