Tammy Darby

The Snarling Beast

There is no avenue for escape
Forever dreams now will cease
For hiding in the dark
With ravenous glistening eyes
Is a vicious snarling beast

Is its insanity of imagination
Conjuring up visions of
Emotional disembowelment
The soul's evisceration

This immortal predator of the time
An avid consumer of synonyms and rhyme
For it comes to satisfy its appetite
Savoring its prey
Baring broken worn teeth
Blackness will swallow the shimmering day

Peer round the corner
Pools of thought
Cool translucent eyes
Hear the echoes of coming destiny
It is the satisfaction of the blood hunt
The breath of a warm sigh

Venture past the gift of madness
Deep into the shadowed heart
Barely Interlaced edges
The snarling beasts lie waiting
Lurking in the dark

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Tammy M. Darby Jan. 30, 2015
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