Tammy Darby

The Sky was Falling

Heaven's angels began calling
Good to the left if you please
Shunned evil to the right

Those cruel and unkind
To the suffering poor
Spoilers of the earth
In whose heart's greed was kept
Black minds where waiting darkness
Lay coiled and slept

Satan's angel's
Cunning and foreboding
Counted condemned heads
To each other smiled and nodded

While the godly and humble
Blessed solitary souls
Bestowed with love and grace
To God's delight
Were embraced by the spirit of holy light

The sky was falling
Heaven and hell's angels began calling
The world turned upside down
As the night became day
The day melted into night
Humans formed two lines
The good stay on the path to the left
Evil to the right

@ Copyright Tammy M. Darby Jan. 20, 2014
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