Tammy Darby

The Seventh Bomb

Staggering explosions of venom-laden light
In a world of darkness constructed by man
Debauched genius and greed tainted sight
Blinding rays of silver filled the skies of night

Trillions of once living humans lay dead
Empty warm footprints were life once led
Gray piles of ash on radiation kissed the ground
The species ended
Beating hearts unbound

It was not the first bombed dropped
Nor the cause of their fall

Or the second
That followed
When Azrael began to call

The third
The Destroyer
slowly seeping life

The fourth
Spreading it fiendish tentacles
Created from evil and lies

The fifth
Came in waves of poison rippled sound

The sixth
Was deaths cold sister wild hair unbound

But came the seventh
In clap of thunder
None now left to worship
In reverence and wonder
The seal had been opened
The convent broken between God and man
The punishment foretold
Revealed in the blood of the lamb

@Tammy M. Darby
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