Tammy Darby

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The Realms of our Minds

Let us journey into the realms of our minds
Travel willingly through the wormholes of time
Observe what has never been seen before
Throughout human history, legend and lore.

Shall we take a glance into our secrets hidden?
Force our emotions with no regret to due to our bidding?
Gaze cautiously into still reflections we conveniently forgot.
Wringing our hands, counting the hours of life’s clock.

Be obliged to depart or remain if we know what our lives are to be?
Will that reality overcome us as great thundering waves of the sea?
Or in our false revelations enable us to be stronger
So we crave against all logic to stay little longer

Let us commence and vanish into the darkness of our minds
Becoming the paintings of poet’s sarcastic rhyme
Stumble down the path of eccentricity and never return
And for the life of ordinary mortals never yearn

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M Darby Marc 1, 2020
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