Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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The Other side

Who knows what is on the other side?
What monsters lie lurking beyond the stone walls and multiple doors
Perhaps long forgotten secrets you and I have hidden away
Erasing unwanted memories from our minds forever more

Will we find heaven the oh so sought promised golden land?
Or fires of the unspoken one waiting that scorch us and burn
Is condemnation to the nether world our unchangeable fate?
Without us would the world continue to turn?

Take a glance and tell me what is on the other side
Is it a plane of my mind which some say does not exist
For lack of imagination some cannot see it
Others do boring dullards but simply resist

Are their stars made of glass on other side?
Do emotions flow like fine wine?
Do the sea waves roar with song green and salty?
Or will they die with the passing of time?
Are there precious stones strewn about the ground like sand diamonds?
While a blue moon hangs high in the sky.

Is the evil of mankind waiting and laughing?
On the other side
For a seized opportunity to overcome us all
Are all our desires forfilled completely?
Or do the shadows reign dark and tall?

I believe will forge ahead and go around the corner
Instead a sitting like a smiling fool on a self-made shelf
I will take a look closer look at the other side
And decide if I will travel there myself

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